RED EPIC™ Camera HD Video Production Services

We believe it's more about who's behind the camera than the camera itself, but the RED EPIC camera is hard not to talk about. It's been used in feature films, high end commercials, documentaries and national broadcast dramas.

It's one of our favorites to use on client shoots because its available 6K resolution provides much higher quality and flexibility than what's found in typical HD video production cameras.

Features & Benefits

•   Redcode RAW format: Allows complete flexibility of the look of the video in post-production.
•   Pick your resolution from 2K to 6K
•   Framerates as high as 300 fps
•   4:4:4 Color depth: Captures a wider range of colors.
•   35mm depth of field: Allows more focus control and fexibility.
•  16.5 stops of dynamic range natively, 22 with HDRx: Captures a wider range between shadows and highlights.
•   Plus, you can get high-quality stills exported from the video itself!

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